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The Strike API uses webhooks to send notifications to your application. A webhook is an HTTP-based communication function that allows one application to notify another application whenever a specific event occurs. A webhook is sent as an HTTP request to your specified URL and includes a JSON payload, which can be received by your application and acknowledged with an HTTP response code.

The Strike API supports webhook notifications about certain events occurring. Below are the events that are currently supported.

Supported events

For the list of supported events check the API Reference.


The Strike API receives periodic updates and improvements, which do not require adjustments to your code and are all documented in the API Reference Changelog. If an update were to require adjustments to be made to your code, that would be considered a breaking change, and would be represented as a new API version.

Strike API versions are denoted by a version number, declared in the route path of the endpoints (*). If your application adopts a new Strike API version, you will also need to adjust your webhook subscription to ensure that all API interactions follow the same version. Any breaking changes to the webhook system will be noted in the Strike API Changelog.