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Welcome to the API documentation for the Strike API.

You can use the Strike API to programmatically generate invoices, send and receive payments, query data, and manage your Strike account. The Strike API is an HTTP-based API and follows general REST principles; it has predictable resource-oriented URLs, accepts JSON-encoded request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.

The following sections explain how to get started, while the API Reference page provides resources on how to interact with the API as well as an API explorer tool for testing.

API reference

To view our comprehensive API reference, visit the API reference page. This page contains all relevant information for interacting with the API, including necessary API key permissions, supported endpoints, query parameters, error codes, expected responses, and formatting considerations. Using the endpoints within this section will allow you to send and receive payments, query data, and retrieve user records.

API explorer

The API explorer, located on the right side of the API reference page, allows users to make API requests directly from their web browser.

The explorer lets you to view code examples in cURL, Go, Python, and Node.js and send HTTP requests to any of the Strike API endpoints without implementing code or updating environment configurations.

The API Explorer acts upon your Strike account, so use caution when trying methods that send payments from your account balance. To use the explorer, you must first Click the Authorize button, and add your API key bearer token.

Steps to get started

We recommend that you read the API docs and familiarize yourself with the functionality. The Walkthroughs section provides detailed explanations on how to build payment solutions, while the Example apps showcase existing applications that are using the Strike API, including links to code repositories. To begin, proceed to the Account creation section and start using the Strike API today. If you need help verifying if our solution matches your business needs, contact us at