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To use the Strike API, you must first create an API key. Your API key is a unique access token that enables you to make authorized requests to the Strike API, in order to perform operations or retrieve information. API keys are available to all users who have a Strike account.

Once you have signed up for your Strike account, visit your Strike Dashboard and select the “API Key” section to create and view your API keys.

When creating an API key, you can assign it a name, an optional description, and any number of scopes. The scopes determine what operations the key is able to perform, such as creating invoices, generating quotes, reading currency exchange rates, etc. As a best practice, we recommend assigning only the minimum needed scopes for your API key. To decide which scopes your API key will need, visit the API Reference page and browse the different endpoints needed to perform your desired operations. Each endpoint has a required scope, and only an API key with that assigned scope will be able to execute that endpoint.

After setting your desired key name, description, and scopes, you can create your API key by selecting “Create API Key”. You will then be presented with your newly created API key, which is a unique alphanumeric string of characters. This key will be needed to make requests to the Strike API, and will only be shown once, so please save it in a secure place before navigating away.

Since API keys never expire and can be used to perform financial transactions, they should be considered sensitive pieces of information. Access to your API keys should be safeguarded, and you should never share your API key publicly or commit it in your source code. If your API key is ever compromised, login to the Strike Dashboard to revoke it and create a new one.