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Receive events

To receive notifications about events:

  1. Identify the events that you want to monitor. A list of the available events can be found in the API Reference.

  2. Create a subscription for the event type(s) you are interested in using create subscription endpoint. When creating the subscription provide a publically accessible HTTPS URI on which your webhook endpoint will be listening and a secret that will be used by Strike to sign each webhook request. The secret can be any arbitrary string. Keep it secure and never share it with anyone. If the secret is compromised change it using update subscription endpoint.

  3. Create a webhook endpoint and expose it on URI provided in step 2. The endpoint should do signature verification using the secret from step 2, handle the events you are interested in and return a 2xx response status code. Try to avoid any long-running processing in the handler to respond as soon as possible. If the processing takes too long, the request will be canceled, treated as failed, and scheduled for retry per retry policy. Strike doesn't guarantee that an event will be delivered only once so handler must be idempotent.